Excalibur Laundries, Inc. Professional Military and Multi-Housing Commercial Laundry Service

One of America’s largest providers of military laundry equipment.

Our Services

Government Contracting

Leasing of washers and dryers to military installations.

University and College Services

Leasing of washers, dryers, and accessories in University and College settings.

Multi-Housing Leasing

Leasing of Washers, dryers, and accessories in Multi-Housing settings.

Commercial Laundry Sales

Sale of commercial washers and dryers.

Why Choose Us

Prompt Local Service

American made Speed Queen Commercial Washers and dryers


Experience - In Business since 1960

Laundry is all we do

We are a family ran laundry business that has been providing laundry services since 1960. We are based out of Prairie du Chien, WI. We started out providing laundry services to just the multi-housing settings and evolved into also providing universities/colleges and government installations with laundry services as well. We are still able to offer local, fast service service because of our commitment to the customer. Our goal is to provide you a laundry service you can forget about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Excalibur offer a cashless payment system?

Yes. Contact us to find out more.

What brand of commercial washers and dryers does Excalibur use?

We generally use Speed Queen products but have access to multiple brands depending on the situation.

What are the advantages to leasing instead of owning laundry equipment?

When leasing laundry equipment, Excalibur provides all service, upfront expense, and cost of cashless payment system. Less down time when equipment does go out of order.

Are there advantages to using front or top load washers?

There are advantages to both front and top load washers depending on the application. We will work with the customer to come up with the best solution for you.

Are you currently taking new customers?

Yes. Please reach out to us and we will be happy to help with your laundry needs.