All new computerized washers and dryers

24 hour service to each of our new washers and dryers - at no cost

Laundry room amenities

Maximum financial return, many times with lease signing bonus payments

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We provide the equipment and infrastructure necessary for any campus housing laundry facility that include all the technology features students will expect.


Excalibur Laundries can provide virtually any type of washer and dryer necessary to meet the needs of the customer.


Excalibur Laundries is one of the leading suppliers of commercial washers and dryers for military installations in the United States.

About Excalibur Laundries

Excalibur Laundries began servicing multi-housing units, college residence halls, and military installations with professional laundry service in 1960.

With our unique ability to promptly service washers and dryers, and our ability to provide housing owners and colleges with the highest level of rental (commission) payments, we have grown to operate more than 10,000 washers and dryers in all types of housing units.

Excalibur Laundries can provide your multi-housing property or college with the finest in laundry service. Whether you would like all new ultra high efficiency washers and dryers or all new free home-style washers and dryers, Excalibur has the experience and equipment necessary.

Excalibur Laundries can offer a variety of options for residence hall students or residential tenants.

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